Liqueurs To Do With Herbs And Plants

Grappa basil: good digestive. It is prepared from late June until early September. Serving: 60 Genoese basil leaves, 300 g sugar, 1 liter of white grappa, 2 untreated lemons. After carefully washed basil leaves store in an airtight container for 2 liters with the lemon peel (yellow part only) cut very thin. Leave to infuse for 20 days after filtered and poured into the bottle. Store in cool and dark.

Verbena liqueur: good digestive. It is prepared from June to September. Serve 200 verbena leaves, rind of 4 lemons 1 liter alcohol at 95 °, 1 liter water and 1 kg of sugar. Wash the leaves and the yellow part of rind of lemons. It Soak the leaves and bark. It heats the water and dissolve sugar and then allowed to cool once you pay it all in one place the infusion. Let rest for at least a month. Filter and bottle.

Liquor of the thirteen herbs: digester. It is prepared from June to September. washed 3 leaves of sage, mint, lemon balm, basil, lemon, bay leaves, rosemary, 3 cloves, 3 chamomile flowers, 3 juniper berries, half a cinnamon stick, half vanilla, 400 g sugar, 400 grams water and 400 g alcohol. Soak in a glass jar all the herbs and spices washed with alcohol. Let stand for 3 days.After this period, dissolve sugar in hot water and when cooled add it all Infusion. Let rest another 3 days. Filtered and bottled.

Walnut Modena: digester. Prepares for St. John at September 30 gathering nuts with the husk still green. Are also 750 grams of sugar, 2 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of cloves, 10 grains of coffee, the rind of a lemon cut into pieces, 1 ½ liters of alcohol 95 ° and 400 grams water. Cut the nectarines into four parts and put it in a wide-mouth carboy with the other ingredients. Is exposed to the sun for 50 days, stirring often. Subsequently filtered and bottled. Often be left to brew for a year and bottles for the next St. John.

Grappa nettle: digestive and tonic. Collect 20 leaves of nettle, before the plant flowers, add 40 g sugar, 1 lemon and 1 liter of spirits. Allow to marinate for three months. Filter and bottle.

Liqueur melissa: preparing from June to August. and digestive tonic. Are two good handfuls of freshly picked lemon balm leaves, the zest of a lemon, 3 cloves, a piece of cinnamon, 300 g sugar, 300 grams water and 1 liter of alcohol at 95 °. Put all the ingredients sealed in the jar and let steep for three weeks, shaking the jar twice a day. Strain, bottle and leave to mature for two months.

Limonin: refreshing, digestive full of vitamins. 7 lemons are needed, 15 leaves of fresh lemon, ½ liter of alcohol 90 °, 400 g sugar and ½ liter water. Soaked in alcohol to do rind of 6 lemons and leaves, letting it rest for 15 days, shaking occasionally. Then add the lemon juice and sugar well dissolved in cold water. Close and then soak for another 24 hours. Filter and bottle.Ageing for at least a month.

Laurin: digester. It is prepared in late summer. Serving 400 grams of berries of laurel (Prunus laurel), 350 gr. Sugar, 350 grams water and 400 g 90 ° alcohol. Dissolve the sugar in hot water, after cooling it is poured into wide-mouth carboy with the rest of the ingredients. Once macerated for a month, rifiltra and bottles. Consumed after 3 months of seasoning. The berries must be ripe, that is black and the period is usually between August and September. The liquor may be more or less sweet depending on the sugar. The dose given here is the maximum dose.

Liqueur roses and refreshing flavor of desserts. Are 50 grams of fragrant rose petals harvested at dawn, 95 ° 1 liter alcohol 1 liter water and 500 grams sugar. Close the jar tightly rose petals and sugar exposing everything under the sun for several days, shaking frequently. When sugar has melted open the pot and add water and alcohol. Close and shake to wait 15 days, filtered and bottled.

Ratafià black cherry: prepare from May to June. Digestive and flavoring sweets. Serving 300 grams of ripe black cherries, 1 liter alcohol at 95 °, 200 g sugar and ½ liter water. Dissolve sugar in hot water and crush the cherries. Put sugar syrup, cherries and alcohol in glass jar and close. Allow to marinate for three months, stirring occasionally. Filter and bottle.

Liquor Rosemary: is preparing for spring-summer and is an aromatic liqueur. Wash and dry the rosemary branch and then remove all the leaves and put them to soak into the glass, for 40 days in the dark with 1 liter of white rum 40 ° and 20 sugar cubes. Filtered and bottled.

Grappa sage: digester. 20 sage leaves, washed and dry. Put them to infuse for 1 month in an airtight glass jar with 300 grams of sugar and 1 liter brandy. Bottled and consumed.

Elixir mint: prepare from May to September. To drink as a digestive, against car sickness or sea, and how refreshing when diluted with water. Ingredients: 30 grams fresh mint, 2 basil leaves, 2 leaves of lemon, a pinch of chamomile flowers and an anise seeds, 250 grams of alcohol, 300 grams sugar and 300 grams water. Clean with a rag mint leaves. Put the mint, basil, chamomile leaves and seeds of anise infusion in alcohol in glass vase. Let steep for 8 days, shaking the pan occasionally. On the eighth day prepared hot syrup by bringing water to a boil and add the sugar. Pass the tea through a strainer and add it to the syrup. Filtered and bottled.

Mirtillino: digestive and tonic. Distributed in two bottles, 600 grams of blueberries, 600 grams of liquor and 300 grams of sugar. Close tightly and leave for three months in the dark. Period from August to September.

Jujube soup: very sweet, rocco vitamin ce sugars. For the fact is that there is a very sweet that "are in stock jujube. Need 1 pound of jujube, a kilo of sugar, 2 bunches of grapes, raisins, 2 cups of white wine, 2 a quince and lemon water. Add jujubes washed in a pan and cover with water. add raisins and sugar. Cook 1 hour over low heat, stirring. add apples without peel (thinly sliced) and wine. Increase heat to evaporate and the wine. When cooked (when it is cooling down), add the grated lemon peel, pass the mixture through a strainer pot hot. invert the pot and allow to cool.