Temperatures Wine Service

Temperature di Servizio Vini

Two brief introductory remarks:

- The following only wants to be a list of recommended service temperature indicative, also be guided by your instinct;

- At the "canonical" ambient temperature of 20 ° C, the glasses that you are and the environment itself tend to raise the temperature of the wine. Particularly with regard to the wines to be served fresh, keep a good pair of ° C below the recommended temperature. If a wine is too cold, once in the glass, just wait a minute and it will be at the ideal temperature. If it is too hot things get complicated.



    Vini spumanti
   Vini bianchi e rosati secchi
   Vini bianchi e rosati amabili
   Vini bianchi strutturati e affinati in barrique
   Vini rossi leggeri
   Vini rossi di medio corpo
   Vini rossi di grande prestigio, invecchiati
   Vini passiti e liquorosi (abbinati a antipasti, formaggi)
   Vini passiti e liquorosi (da meditazione)

 8°C ± 1°C
10°C ± 1°C
12°C ± 1°C
14°C ± 1°C
14°C ± 1°C
16°C ± 1°C
18°C ± 1°C
 8°C ± 1°C
18°C ± 1°C