Wine Masseto


The Masseto hill is a unique place. Achieved through the generosity of the Mediterranean climate, this small vineyard enjoys a great view, which extends to the Tuscan coast, and a patchwork of different terrains, including the exceptional presence gray clay. The slight breeze coming from the sea during the hot summer months, the intensity of the sun and the peculiarity of the terrain allow the vines to grow and mature in very good condition and help ensure the fabulous combination of freshness and maturity that characterizes Masseto. The quest begins immediately, from the very first moment. The harvest of Masseto, therefore, is subject to multiple attentions: when to start collecting in each of the fields that make up the Masseto vineyard? Why collect only manually? Why just pick a few bunches and leave the others until they are fully mature? In addition to the necessary technical criteria, they are still human experience and interpretation, skill and passion to govern these choices.

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    Masseto Toscana Igt  2017 Cantina Masseto
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