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Not everyone has a cellar to be used as a cellar. In these cases we use a properly fitted storage because the usual conditions of housing can accelerate the aging process of wine. The first rule is to get as close as possible to the ideal cellar conditions: temperature around 15 degrees, dark and silent. It is advisable to insulate the walls or at least put the bottles in styrofoam containers, alternatively you can also use an old "library" of wood (of course the best solution would be an air conditioner that maintains temperature and humidity controlled).Another rule should not be underestimated is to remove all things that produce strong odors from paints to cured meats due to the ability to absorb the wine. Placing the bottles we pay attention to put them down near the floor. Warm air tends to rise and therefore close to the ground we have made the wines more sensitive to temperature changes, in order to grow this sparkling white wines, rose wines, red wines, red wines. But if the wine is an enemy we can also say that heat is no friend of the cold and so I advise you not keep in the refrigerator for more than 3 or 4 days but only put in when you drink. Rule essential to preserve our "drink" is preferred to lie down or keep the bottle tilted so that the wine bathing cap. Many think that this causes the typical smell of "cap" ... wrong, the opposite is true, the contact prevents air in the bottle of wine to go with the cap and the development of "mushrooms" that ruin the organoleptic characteristics of wine.


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