Home Brewed Beer

How to make beer 

Beer, like wine, can also produce it themselves. 
To get an idea of the proportions of raw materials, we think that to produce 23 liters of handcrafted beer we need: 
5 kg of barley malt  30 liters of water (after boiling drop to 23) 70 / 90 grams of hops 

The beer is obtained by grinding barley, cook it about 68 degrees x 1 hour, filtering the mixture thus obtained (must) and finally by boiling the wort produced with hops for about 1 hour. 
After the procedure, after the wort is cooled, add yeast and ferment for about 1 week ago, then it is bottled, and after about 1 month now we drink our beer, the procedure described is calledAll Grain. 

There is also a lot easier to make beer at home kits beer from malt extract already hops. 
They work a bit 'like mashed potatoes freeze-dried (even if our product is in syrup) and virtually all spare us the most laborious grinding and cooking barley and filtration. 
With malts prepared fact just add hot water to the mixture, sugar - if required by the type of malt - and boil for 5 minutes. After the procedure, after cooling the mixture, add the yeast after fermentation, bottling and classic 30 days of aging in bottle, we drink our excellent home-brewed beer. 

All the equipment takes up very little space and the case can be made in the kitchen with pots in our possession. 

The beer we get is natural, no added colorings or artificial preservatives and therefore perfectly genuine. 

It also gives great satisfaction to serve a beer that we produced ourselves and family and friends they will be pleasantly surprised.